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Dave and his team know the law, we understand the market, and have the resources and relationships needed to bring your transaction to a cost-effective, trouble-free conclusion.

You may not need a lawyer all that often. You may have never even met with a lawyer before. But there are times in life – buying or selling a home or commercial property, preparing a comprehensive estate plan, or starting your own business, when a seasoned attorney’s sound advice, clear counsel, and experienced representation are essential. During such times, when your finances, family, and future are at a turning point, you want a lawyer who you trust to protect you above all else; a lawyer who makes you feel comfortable with your decisions and gives you the peace of mind that everything is taken care of.

Approachable. Accessible. Responsive.
I am attorney David Maloney. I have made it my life’s work to deliver exceptional legal services to individuals and families who are taking some of the most significant steps of their lives. For over 16 years, I have helped my clients close thousands of real estate transactions with confidence, put together estate plans that provide security for clients with diverse portfolios and modest assets alike and set their businesses on a path for success.

At Maloney Law, LLC, we understand that the thought of meeting with a lawyer can be intimidating for many people. Not knowing what to expect, not knowing what to ask, not knowing how much it is going to cost – all of this can make anyone feel a bit overwhelmed. But when we meet for the first time, you will discover what our clients already know: that we pride ourselves on being approachable, accessible, and responsive. We will discuss your concerns, identify your goals, and work together to develop an approach best suited to accomplishing your objectives.

You Need Legal Help, Not Legalese.
What we will not do is bury you in legalese or introduce complex issues that bring more confusion than clarity. While we will do everything necessary and appropriate to protect and advance your interests, we will not waste your time and money on unneeded work or expenses. At Maloney Law, you will get the legal services you need without any unnecessary complications.

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One of our greatest abilities is consistently delivering results to the clients we serve. Maloney Law focuses on Real Estate Transactions, Estate Planning, Commercial Leases, Investment Properties and Business Formation. Our expertise in these areas help to deliver the results you need.

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