Commercial Real Estate Transactions & Leasing

Whether you are buying, selling or leasing multi-unit apartment buildings, commercial retail space, office or warehouse condominium properties, transactions involving these types of properties often involve complex issues and potential problems.

There is no such thing as an insignificant real estate transaction:
Commercial real estate transactions offer plenty of promise for buyers, sellers, investors, developers, and others seeking an opportunity for a lucrative revenue stream, positive cash flow, or healthy returns on a previous acquisition.

But commercial real estate transactions and investments come with peril as well, with any number of stumbling blocks that can scuttle an otherwise lucrative deal or lead to costly and disruptive conflicts down the road. Avoiding such problems and consummating transactions efficiently and conclusively often comes down to being able to see the big picture as well as the smallest details.

Protecting Your Investment and Advancing Your Goals:
At Maloney Law, LLC in Libertyville, we provide seasoned representation that helps protect the interests and achieve the goals of developers, building owners, landowners, landlords, and tenants in commercial real estate transactions of all sizes and complexity. Our goal is to minimize risk, ensure meticulous and thorough representation, and facilitate prompt closings without unnecessary and avoidable complications.

We work closely with our clients on all aspects of commercial real estate transactions, including contract negotiations, due diligence review, leasing, mortgage financing and loan workouts. Our complete suite of commercial real estate services includes delivering sound counsel, reliable guidance, and all necessary legal services involving:

• Buying and selling
• Lease transactions
• Resolving landlord/tenant disputes
• Construction build-outs
• Financing
• 1031 tax-deferred exchanges
• Property management agreements
• Zoning and land use matters

Counsel for Commercial Landlords and Tenants:
Our commercial real estate practice also includes the representation of landlords and tenants in commercial leasing matters; drafting, reviewing, and interpreting leases with our clients’ specific needs and goals always at the fore.

Both parties want a trouble-free tenancy that provides them with mutual benefits. But the interests of landlords and tenants are often divergent, and what may be a favorable lease term for one side could have disastrous consequences for the other.
Failure to thoroughly consider essential issues, including the detailed provisions of your lease, can come back to haunt you with devastating consequences.

That is why we draft comprehensive and meticulous lease agreements specifically tailored to a property’s unique characteristics and our clients’ individual needs. We review proposed contracts, identify potentially prejudicial terms, and make revisions or additions as needed to maximize the lease’s value to our client. If uncertainties or disagreements arise under an existing lease, we look at the document with a critical eye to provide a clear understanding of its terms and guidance as to how to proceed.

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If you are considering or are involved in the purchase, sale, or leasing of commercial property in Lake County, Cook County, or anywhere else in Chicagoland, we welcome the opportunity to help you accomplish your objectives and complete your transaction. When you meet with us, you will understand why so many clients trust us with their most consequential investments.

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