Residential Real Estate Transactions


Purchasing Residential Real Estate: As is usually the case, if the contract has been prepared by your real estate broker we will review the contract within any applicable attorney review period (typically 5 business days from the date of execution) and request any necessary modifications to the contract to protect your interests. Before signing the contract however you should ensure that it contains an attorney review provision which will allow us to request such modifications on your behalf. If the contract does not contain such a provision or you are unsure if it does, you should refrain from signing it until we have viewed the agreement. Once the contract has been finalized, we will assist you in negotiating any home inspection issues. We will also monitor the contingencies set forth in the agreement such as the time period to have the property inspected and the deadline by which you need mortgage approval. Once all the home inspection issues have been negotiated and your loan has been finalized we will attend the closing with you to review and explain all the closing documentation you will be required to sign to finalize the transaction.


Selling Residential Real Estate: If you are selling your home, we will similarly review the contract and request any modifications to protect your interests and assist in negotiating any home inspection issues. We will also prepare all closing documents and order any documents necessary to close the transaction such as the survey, applicable HOA documents, title insurance, well and septic tests and termite inspection if needed.


Fees: Our fee to represent a Buyer or Seller in a residential real estate transaction is $500 which includes all our time from the time the contract is signed through the closing date.



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